Visitor Application for Admission

1. Guidance

SEECAT is a “closed show”for persons who related to Anti-terorism that limits its admission only to law-enforcement, government, municipalities, and professionals from critical infrastructures.
*Please do not apply for admission unless you relate to such fields.

1) Visitors who would like to attend the exhibition are required to submit an application in advance.
SEECAT Management Office will confirm the application and permit entry to only those whose applications are deemed acceptable.
2) People who are permitted admittance is going to be registered automatically and can also enter RISCON TOKYO for free of charge.

【Privacy Policy】
Tokyo Big Sight Inc. may send you information about the exhibition(s) organized by itself.
The personal information registered will be kept under our strict control and management.
Regarding the privacy policy, please refer:

2. How to Apply

1) Click the "Visitor Application for Admission" button below.
2) Fill in the declaration form and click the "Confirm" button.
3) The organizer will confirm the application and issue entrance permission if they are considered appropriate.
Please print it out and bring to the hall.

3. How to Enter

People permitted admittance through the declaration process must show ALL documents listed below at the registration counter for identification check.
2) Your Passport
3) Your business card specifying affiliated agency or company / organization name
*Your entry might be declined in case you fail to show any document listed above.